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Dream - the wilderness with evil women and prince

A dream with evil women in took place after the dreamer had been shocked at how some women behaved.

THE DREAM - It all looked like a movie. It started with a griffin running through the wilderness. it's so fast, it leaves mountains, plains and forests behind. A narrator's voice tells something about it, then the griffin stops and night falls all of a sudden. The narrator says "those who could see this rare event will never forget, when the griffin turns into evil women"

it's in the woods. The griffin splits into 3 women wearing evil grinning masks and black dresses. Then the masks fall and the women form a triangle, facing each other. A fourth woman ( wearing orange dress? ) appears out of nowhere, I knew that she was a really good person.

The three evil women ignore her as she tries to talk to them. A young man appears out of nowhere and joins the group. He looks like a prince. All women gather around him and try to seduce the prince, he looks like a good person and tries to talk to all of them, except the good woman who tries to speak something but remains ignored.

Finally, the sun rises and a train appears and the man and the 3 women in black dresses get on it, and the train goes away. The woman in orange remains there, walking slowly, smiling. The dream gets a peaceful atmosphere and I wake up.

THE REALITY The dreamer had come into contact with some evil girls recently. For a split second she thought of acting like them. However, she saw how bad relationships supported by falsehoods was not a good way to live her life.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams often show us dealing with relationships and the type of behavior which we wish to adopt in life.

The three women enter this girls life and later leave by train. That shows that she considered acting the way that they act(in an evil and selfish way). However, they left so she rejected that way of thinking. The three women are symbols of freewill - three is a synonym for free. It shows that this is an issue over which there is freedom to choose one path or another. We are free to exercise our freewill. So this dream links to some aspect of our behavior which we are free to change.

The wilderness at the start maybe signifies how things are not going very well in the dreamers love life at present. It is like a wilderness.

The vulture is a sign of the type of behavior the vulture adopts. They pounce on the slightest weakness and eat anything that comes their way. It its a somewhat negative way to act.

The triangle is often a symbol of love matters - a love triangle. The masks are symbols of devious behavior - they hide the reality of your intentions.

The good woman is a sign of the dreamers good side. This is the alternative to the evil women. So this dream is clearly poses a question. The dreamer can either act like the evil women or she can act like the good woman.

The evil women then disappear on the train - a symbol of fixed ways of thinking. The train is also a sexual metaphor so could symbolise that.

Symbolic Meanings
EVIL : "devious minded - the dreamer is thinking about women who would go to any lengths to capture a man"
MOUNTAIN : "an enormous challenge - a tricky situation"
MOVIE : "replaying some event - the dreamer is thinking over what she has recently seen"
PRINCE : "ideal partner - the dreamer is wondering how far she would go to get her ideal partner"
SMILE : "the dreamer feels quite content with her life"
TRAIN : "a one track mind - these girls were obsessed with men and cannot think of anything else"
WILDERNESS : "nothing really happening - in this case it links to the lack of a boyfriend"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was thinking of three girls I know. They are totally obsessed by the need to get a man and get married. That's not me. They just have one track minds. I will not go to such extremes"

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