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Dream - beware of greeks

THE DREAM - I woke up and as I was dreaming I had this thought - beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been told about this great idea to get free internet using hacking. The idea seemed very interesting at first. But now the dreamer felt he was wasting his time on an idea which was not working out. For something that was free he seemed to be spending an awful lot of time on it. The phrase "beware of Greeks bearing gifts" seemed very relevant to this situation.

THE INTERPRETATION Often we have quotes in dreams which the dream seems to emphasise. Generally these quotes will make us think of some issue which comes immediately to mind. It is very likely that the dream is linked to that issue. This dreamer had been thinking about hacking into internet networks and getting internet for free. If you get something for free then its a bit like a present, which you also get for free. The dreamer thought about how this hacking was taking far too long for it to be free. He was spending time on this and "time is money." If something is genuinely free then there are no strings attached. You do not have to put endless effort into it. The dream then catches this exact feeling "hacking into wireless networks is not the free gift its made out to be. It involves far too much work for it to be free."

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