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Dream symbolism - hug framed picture

Dreams are like little stories from the bible - they may seem totally irrelevant yet they contain a moral which might be highly relevant to the dreamer in some way. This dream is like that - it deals with respect for old people.

THE DREAM I am been shown a framed picture or painting by a very old man(he seems to be my grandfather). I say to him I KNOW. I say it in a way that I recognising what he is saying and agreeing. I then hug him.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had said something about V-Day and the 60th Anniversary celebrations. He later realised that what he said was perhaps slightly insensitive. To older people how lived through the war this was a very important date. No one had said anything about what he said but he felt a sense of guilt at what he had said and realised he should have been more respectful.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The old man represented anyone who had lived through the war years - including the dreamers own grandfather. Paintings in dreams can symbolise how a picture is been built up. It shows someone's detailed thoughts on a subject. In the dream it represents the dreamer recognition that he could have been more subtle in his comments. He realised the importance of this day. In hugging the grandfather he recognised the price they paid through years of struggle.

Symbolic Meanings
HUG : "this shows that he feels regret for what he said "
PICTURE : "picture something in your mind - in this case the dreamer is picturing the impact the war had on old people and the offence his comments could cause"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think I said something that was a little insensitive yesterday about the V-Day celebrations. For old people the war was a long and hard struggle. I obviously did not mean anything but I should be careful not to offend anyone"

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