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Grandfather skip - dream dictionary

Dreams link to important day to day emotions. This dreamer had been impressed by his grandfather who had been doing some woodwork

THE DREAM - My Granddad was looking in a skip.

THE REALITY The dreamers Grandfather had recently being doing woodwork. He was making jewellery boxes, chess boards and mahogany boxes from scratch. These were really amazing quality.

DREAM MEANING The dream probably captures this kind of feeling - "My Granddad has been making these amazing jewellery boxes out of out of virtually nothing at all."

THE INTERPRETATION If someone has been featuring in your thoughts then you may dream about them and they may appear as themselves in that dream. This dreamer had been especially impressed by his grandfathers recent woodwork. The rubbish skip may not seem especially relevant here though as a symbol. However, people who look in skips want to make something out of nothing. They see value where others see something to throw away. So this has great relevance to the dreamers grandfather who was making something out of old bits of wood. Hence the dream seems magical - it captured the dreamers feelings of magic as his grandfather seemed to do the impossible creating beautiful woodwork from old bits of wood.

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