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Dream - a beautiful view

Dreams can have surprisingly simple meanings - this dream simply meant "I am in a really good mood"

THE DREAM I was at a community centre. I was told I had to pay 50 pence each time I came. I got up and left and said I was going to kill myself. I was then at some beautiful view. There was a woman there at a café I showed her this beautiful view. There was a glorious sunshine and the sky was full of life with birds flying.

ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM The dreamer made the following associations and symbolic meanings:
- The dreamer was feeling very depressed the night before. He had been having problems with a woman called Catherine.
- The dreamer woke up feeling very elated. He now felt positive feelings for Catherine who he was starting to realise was now very friendly.
- The dreamer felt that the café could be a wordplay symbol for the woman he was thinking about ( Café =Cathy).
- a brand new perspective could be symbolic of a new way of looking at a situation.

GUESSWORK The dreamer was thinking about a woman he had been having problems with a woman. He woke up feeling very positive about the situation. He was now starting to really trust in her.

ANALYSIS The dream deals with these themes:
- a depressed mood
- a fresh new feeling
The dream almost definitely pinpoints this change in mood. The dream captures the change from depression to elation that took place during sleep. The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was having terrible problems with her but I woke up feeling happy rather than depressed. I feel so much more positive"

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