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Ticket checked - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was at a train station of some sort and I was working on the payroll, adding up the timecards. I had 2 timecards in particular that had the employees name handwritten on the top of them and they were supposed to be arriving from somewhere to catch a train and I was stressing out because it was my responsibility to get their tickets handled. I was trying to take their timecards and process them through this machine so that I could get their tickets. I knew the train was on it's way, but I never saw it. Then in the middle of this I suddenly remembered that another employee would be coming for his paycheck and I only had an hour to get his done. But instead of stopping what I was doing to get this man's paycheck done, I frantically started to try and run the timecards through this machine again to get the tickets for the train. I feel deeply disturbed today and I don't know why.

THE REALITY The dreamer owns a business which is suffering financially. This was starting to effect the dreamers personal life as well.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Me and my husband own a business together and it is suffering financially. This is starting to affect my personal life."

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream undoubtedly link to the background information presented by the dreamer. Her business was suffering financially. It is difficult to assess if this dream is about the day to day stress associated with the business or specifically to her relationship with her husband.

The dream features some quite obvious metaphors. The dream features two people and that could easily symbolise her and her husband. The time cards could represent the lack of "time" that they have together as a couple. The train station could symbolise the need to make the "connection" in an emotional sense.

Yet we can also read the dream as linking to general stress. The timecards can link very clearly to the everyday administrative tasks linked to a business. The need to make the connection could symbolise the need to keep cash flow moving. So missing the train could symbolise the need to meet some financial deadline.

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