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Ghost ship - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I dreamed about a strange ghost ship in an alternate universe where I couldn't tell right from wrong. It wasn't too scary, just confusing. I dreamt my parents disowned me and gave me their Pontiac(It broke down a few days ago on my way home from work, and now it doesn't run very well). In the dream it was half-broke too and going too slow.

THE REALITY The dreamer was very much attached to her parents Pontiac car - but since it broke down it was no longer performing in the way a dream car should do.

THE MEANING Often we attach a meaning to things. In this case the car in the dream was symbolic of itself - the dreamer very much sees this car as her own. It symbolises her freedom. However, if the car does not perform in the same way - if it has broken down then she cannot attach those feelings to the car any more.

Water in dreams often symbolises a sense of involvement - and in this sense captures the emotional attachment the dreamer has to driving fast in the Pontiac. Ghosts in dreams are often symbols of something that is not quite happening. In this sense the Pontiac is a ghost of its former self. The ship then symbolises the loss of the sense of freedom attached to the car. The car is there and working - yet not working smoothly and properly in the same way.

The alternate reality is maybe symbolic for how things have changed. In many ways everything is the same. The car is there and its ready to be driven. However, the freedom and emotions attached to it have been taken away.

Symbolic Meanings
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE : "everything is the same yet in some ways something is different - the dreamer is driving her car yet it does not have the same smooth feel to it"
GHOST : "something is not the same as it used to be - its a ghost of its former self"
SHIP : "a real sense of emotional involvement in something"
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I used to get real pleasure from driving my dads car. Its just to run real smoothly. But then it had a crash and its never been the same since."

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