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Dream symbolism - watching a woman being raped

Try to associate with a dream to give clues about its cause. This dream features an internet forum and the dreamer had been thinking about an internet forum where people were very rude in real life. We might guess that the dream is about this subject and the dream links to some thoughts or feelings about this forum. That is even though the internet forum in the dream is not the same one as real life.

THE DREAM The dream took place in some sort of sporting event, in an arena with food vendors. There was a forum very much like Internet forums. I could click on the subject and then I could see everything in that subject.

I was in my grandma's neighborhood (she passed several years ago and her house was sold). There was a guy there to see who I would say was me (but I was watching from 3rd person). He was talking to me about what was wrong with his life and blah blah about some other woman. Then I went somewhere with him. He stopped somewhere and forced me into the back seat and raped me.

Then I was back at the forums arena where I had to go get a hot-dog for someone(a woman I was with). Then I get back to the forum and there is a new post by the woman that was raped and she changed her story that she wasn't raped and she was in love with him.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently joined a Hockey forum. There was an "adult section" and the dreamer entered this believing that the "adult" was an area where more mature and civilized discussion would take place. However, the forum was filled with rude and sickening posts. When the dreamer made a post she was bombarded with sickening abuse. She however, decided to tough it out and continued in the forum. On the day before the dream she found out that this was just an "Initiation ceremony". Every new member is bombarded with abuse.

THE INTERPRETATION In dreams its important to make connections. Try to establish some link to something that is happening in your life. In this case the dream featured a forum so simply she must ask herself if the dream could link to any issue involving an internet forum. In this case there was an issue. So the two could easily be connected. In real life the dreamer had joined a forum and had been horribly abused by the other members.

One of the main symbols is rape. Rape can link to sexually inappropriate behavior but it can also be symbolic of all kinds of abuse. So we have a second strong link. The rape symbolised the abusive treatment she was forced to endure.

The dream also features a sports arena which seems to be another link to real life as the forum that the dreamer got abused on was a sports forum. The dream seems to have captured her own views because she like the woman in the dream changed her mind about the abuse. Its that switch in feelings which gives away the meaning of the dream. That feeling of abuse has been transformed by real life because she has realised that this was an initiation ceremony. All newbies are treated like this.

Symbolic Meanings
ARENA : "symbolises possibly the combative nature of the forum"
ARENA : "maybe a simple link to sports - the subject of the dream(a sports forum) "
FOOD : "an issue that feeding your mind - food for thought"
RAPE : "the dreamer feels violated by the comments made against her"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I recently joined a Hockey forum on the Internet. Everyone was insulting me though and using the worst language. I realise now that this was some perverse initiation".

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