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Teeth like chalk crumble - dream analysis

THE DREAM I had a long and involved dream but all I remember is me and another person sitting around pulling our upper teeth out and crumbling them in our fingers like they were the consistency of chalk or something else very easy to crumble. I seem to remember that this was possible with ALL our teeth, but we were only pulling out our upper ones.

THE REALITY Recently the dreamer had a car crash which led to her losing one front tooth and 3/4 of another. Due to the car crash(at least partially) the relationship the dreamer was involved in started to fall apart. She also acquired some debt as a result of the crash.

DREAM ANALYSIS Teeth often link to the permanent parts of our life. Teeth are very difficult to remove and yet they when they are removed they cause immense pain. They may symbolise some part of your life where something permanent has come to an end. In this way the dream linked to the end of her relationship.

Dreams will often pick out very relevant symbols - and in this way the dream picked out the loss of teeth which had actually happened. Yet the dream is not about that - its about the emotional circumstances. It is merely a symbol for something else. In the dream the bottom teeth are only affected.

In dreams the upper parts may refer to higher thoughts such as beliefs. So maybe the dream is thinking that her higher beliefs maybe affected in some way. That if things go wrong in many respects she may start to feel as if she is jinxed. For the dreamer that maybe important as she had been in a cult. They consistently said that if she left then bad things would happen.

Symbolic Meanings
TEETH : "losing portions of her life that seemed permanent "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I recently had a car crash. I lost my boyfriend due to that and also a lot of money"

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