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Fall off balcony - dream analysis

THE DREAM I am with some people in my life. They are all people whom I admire. There is a guy whom I had a crush on. There are other people whom I vaguely knew and considered important people whom I aspire to being like. I then start to go up some stairs. I then fall through the balcony. I hold onto the railings. Yet I am suspended in mid air.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had been thinking about her life. The she had always enjoyed knowing creative and intelligent people. Yet she felt she was never really part of such groups. Its something she aspired to yet was unable to achieve in reality.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about the night before. This dreamer clearly had some definite feelings on her mind. It featured people whom she associated with the feelings that had been running through her mind the night before. They were people with confidence and abilities.

Stairs in dreams represent higher thinking. They show us coming to some conclusions on some issue. Indeed in real life she had been coming to some conclusions on something. So indeed this dream matches quite strongly real life.

The dreamer falls through the balcony. This represents how she was unable to truly think through her own life. She aspired to being like the people she admired. The fall through the balcony represents her inability to truly come to a conclusion on this issue. It showed she really couldn't decide what her thinking was.

Symbolic Meanings
FALL THROUGH BALCONY : "Inability to decide what she truly felt on this issue"
STAIRS : "coming to some thought out conclusions on some issue"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have always wanted to feel comfortable with creative people. But I do feel nervous and slightly out of place. But I recognize my own creative side."

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