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Dream - native American staring

A dream with aggressive football supporters took place as the dreamer had been thinking how aggressive he had been at putting across his ideas.

THE DREAM I am in a pub. It seems to have been attacked by a group of scousers. There is a narrow alleyway that leads from our pub to their pub. We start off to give them a "right kicking". But their appear to be police on the way so I hide in a court yard. Later I am in some kind of war. There appears to be some middle eastern guy who is almost naked and his wounds appear. He was shot right across his stomach. From the bottom left to the top right. There is another guy there who also has scars on him. He seems to have been walked all over and has deep imprints on him. Then I am in this room. Its like a one room building. I have this kind of heart thing on me but it stinks. There is an Native American there who is looking at me.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up and thought of a group of people at work whom he was imposing his ideas on.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Quite often when you wake up some immediate issue will rise to the surface. Its quite possible that the dream is about that. Dreams are also about very abstract ideas. So what evidence is there to link to this "issue"?

The dreamer immediately seemed to link this dream to the work situation where he felt he was not considering the ideas of others. This tendency was also getting to quite a general tendency within him. And indeed on first inspection the dream does seem to be at least consistent.

The dream deals with football supporters and violent male attitudes. What better symbols for an aggressive tendency to impose your views and attitudes on others. The dream also deals with middle eastern people which can obviously link to the issue of prejudice. So perhaps the dreamer was starting to realise his own prejudices and his own tendency to trample all over other peoples opinions.

People in dreams often represent things that we associate with them. Native Americans can be associated with spiritual feelings as we link them with that type of thing. Native Americans are often thought to be in tune with the world and with nature. They are associated with nature, fairness and spirituality. So the Native Americans can be seen as a symbol of the dreamers wish to be true and honest.

Notice that there is a bad smell in the dream. This is used in a simple metaphorical way. We use the phrase "that stinks" and we could say that the dream could make this type of point "Your attitude stinks, you impose your own ideas on people."

So there are several ways in which the symbols could be consistent with this dreams meaning.

Symbolic Meanings
ALLEY : "unaware of other peoples views - the dreamer realises he does not listen to other peoples views"
COURT : "people judging the dreamers behavior"
HEART : "the dreamer likes to get to the heart of the matter - but does not listen to others"
NARROW : "a need to widen your vision - being small minded and not open to new ideas"
NATIVE AMERICAN : The dreamer wished to be like a Native American. He wished to be in tune with the world and spiritually aware. The Native American seems unhappy with him which hints at this type of feeling "I am not living up to my spiritual aspirations."
POLICE : "a need not to break rules and conventions - listening to others"
STINK : People use phrase "that stinks". Maybe this dream taps into a feeling like "My have started to realise that my attitude stinks."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Maybe I have been too bossy as far as my ideas are concerned. I tend to impose my ideas at work. Maybe I should be more willing to listen"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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