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Grumpy temper dream

DREAM - its not me I was with my old neighbour and we were getting on very well. She wasn't being grumpy and I wasn't trying to wind her up. There was a good community spirit to the dream. Later I was with my sister and I was getting wound up and agitated. Then we were playing Monopoly and I got into a temper and threw the board up. (my sister always mentions that I always acted in this way when we played Monopoly. I got angry and threw the board up).

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was making complaints about several people in his life. He was trying to make out that it was all them. He was dealing with someone who had a huge temper and was winding this person up. He had also fallen out of favour with his sister over something. He had made complaints against his neighbour. He was saying its all them not me. I am in the right.

DREAM ANALYSIS: If we get into confrontations in one setting then we can argue that the confrontation was caused by others. Yet if we are finding confrontation in two different settings then we have to ask ourselves if it is our own fault. That there maybe something in our own personality which triggers these problems.

At first glance the dream seems totally unrelated to reality. The issues in the dream were not important at the time. Yet the dream actually neatly recreates reality. In real life the dreamer was getting into confrontation with several people. The dream repeats this exact theme. The confrontations in the dream were very different from real life yet the theme is the same "I seem to be getting into a lot of confrontational situations."

The dream also features this gam o Monopoly which is highly important in terms of the dreamers personality. The dreamers sister often claimed that the dreamer "always lost his temper" when playing Monopoly. Implied in this is the question "is it something in my personality that causes all this confrontation?"

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