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Sleepover with friend - dream analysis

Notice that the friend in this dream was going through similar problems at the time - they were both moving on from a marriage. We may guess that the dream maybe about how they are both moving forward and how they might support each other in that process.

THE DREAM my best friend and I were having a sleepover like we used to do when we were kids. We've been friends since we were 5! we were lying in her childhood bed at first and we were talking about what we wanted to do. We decided to play a board game. The game was unlike any board game I have ever seen. The board unfolded and then there were many tiered pieces sort of like "Mousetrap" only they built a little house. There was a bathroom on the top floor and it came in two piece. One half had the sink toilet and tub and the other was like floor space and a closet I think but they met at the top of the tiers. And the half with the floor space had the faucets that fit into the bathtub and that's how the whole thing was held together. I don't remember actually playing the game. only that it took us several times to figure out how to fit the little house together.

THE REALITY The dreamers marriage had broken down. Now she was having to rebuild her life all over again. However, she was in somewhat a transition phase in that part of her was starting to move forward and plan for the future. Another part of her was still stuck in the initial phase of pain. She was still grieving for her marriage.

DREAM ANALYSIS The main symbol here is the house that is been built. Houses in dream stand for your approach to some issue and even to your entire approach to life(your personality). So building a house links to rebuilding your life in some way. That message was relevant to the dreamer in that her marriage had broken down. So now she was planning for the future.

Her friend was in many ways a strong symbol. She was in many respects a role model or a symbol for how things can turn out well. Her friend had a good marriage and good home life. Things had always worked out. Her friend had always supported her and helped her in times of trouble.

Its very symbolic that the dream takes place in the friends bedroom. Bedrooms are symbols of our close and personal feelings. They symbolize our intimate self.

The main symbol of interest is the bathtub. Bathtubs are symbols of personal cleansing. They show that we are cleansing our body and soul of bad feelings. In the dream a great concentration was placed on the taps/faucets. They link with water and so can symbolize many things such as resolve and determination. They can symbolize the emotional links between people. In this case they probably represent the dreamers resolve.

However, the taps have a specific meaning. They show that the dreamer is moving forward in her need to rebuild her life. But the flows of resolve are very much turned off and on. The dreamer may feel a strong resolve one minute then may start looking backwards the next minute. Her resolve is just like a tap - its flow is strongly regulated. It may even show that her resolve is very much linked to the support that she receives from family and close friends. When we have to move forward it is often through the help and badgering of close friends. During moments of strong and support our minds starts to focus on the future. However, when we are alone again we start to focus again on the past.

Its a best friend dream and also a sleepover dream . In sleepovers friends often gush with the positive feelings that they have about the future. They are awash with plans. In this dream the dreamer recognises that positive picture that she is painting to her friends about her own strong resolve. But she also recognises that she is keeping a part hidden (secretly in the closet). That part represents how she is still dwelling on the past.

In the dream there is also a connection with mousetrap a game in which things can suddenly fall apart. That shows that at any moment the dreamer feels that the progress she makes may suddenly disappear.

Symbolic Meanings
BATHROOM : "being able to show frustration"
BATHTUB : "being able to relax"
BEST FRIEND : "an ideal picture of how things should be"
FAUCET : "controlling the amount of energy you devote to something"
HOUSE : "the dreamers life and personality and how she hopes she will change since her divorce"
TOILET : "learning how to deal with bad feelings"
TWO : "a choice between two clear options"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My marriage has broken down and perhaps I wish things would turn out for me. When I start again I just wish my new life would work in the way I want. I have some clear thoughts in my mind of how I wish to be and how I will change as a person after my divorce."

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