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Friends house reconstruction dream

DREAM I was near where my friend lives. (I have fallen out with him and miss him in real life). Apparently, he was having some reconstruction work done. The whole of the front of the house was missing and I could see right in.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer had in reality fallen out with this friend. The previous day she had walked past there and seen through the window. This made her feel sad as it was Christmas and she could see the Christmas tree.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Some dreams simply capture a particularly strong emotion from the day before. In this case the dreamer felt very emotional the day before for a moment. She had walked past a friends house whom she had fallen out with. She was dearly missing him and on this day it really hit her because she saw the Christmas Tree.

The dream simply captures this thought from the day before - "It hit me particularly hard, I dearly missed my friend. I had to walk past his house yesterday and I saw the Christmas Tree lights. It made me very upset. I have spent many Christmas's there."

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