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Two tribes go to war dream

Dreams deal with basic themes so a dream about a fight was a symbol for confrontation at work.

THE DREAM - I am at some kind of riverbank. Its a hilly place. There are two tribes. They are about to go to war. There seems to be a retarded man there. There seems some debate about if this is the right place for him. The two sides are squaring up to fight but its all in good banter. Then suddenly the battle has started. I realize that actually I have not got a spear. I really just have to get out of there. So I start to try to escape the battle.

THE REALITY Things had been very heated at work recently for the dreamer. A major project was in danger of going wrong. Everyone was sick of this project and wanted no involvement. The dreamer was trying to keep out of it. He realized that the situation was proving quite volatile.

DREAM ANALYSIS Its always best to look for some big issue which could have triggered a dream. In this case the dreamer was aware of the increasingly bad atmosphere at work. It was getting to the stage where he was having to be careful about what he said. That it could easily be interpreted as support for one side or the other.

The dream ends with war breaking out. This is a clear metaphor for the situation at work. He fears the outbreak of genuine hostility. Everyone was unhappy. Some volatile unpredictable characters were involved who could easily cause the dream trouble. He wanted to stay neutral. But the more heated and volatile things were getting the more difficult that was becoming.

The type of fighting in the dream was raw hand to hand fighting with spears. This is a clear symbol for showing how the conflict was at work. The hand to hand combat signifies the type of conflict which was breaking out at work. It was very personal and potentially very bitter.

Symbolic Meanings
BANTER : At the moment the conflict at work was under control.
BATTLE STARTS : "The dreamer fears that the situation at work can get much worse. Everyone is unhappy with each other. I really do not want to take sides or get involved. "
RETARDED : " The dreamer tends to be aware of his own personality. He happily gets along with things and is unaware of conflict "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "The atmosphere at work is getting worse. Yesterday I was trying to avoid saying things that can be misinterpreted. I really do not want to get involved in these disputes.".

See how the Symbolic meaning portray a key insight the dreamer has about the conflict in his workplace

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