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Dream symbolism - deserted community buildings

Dreams about communities can often link to related concepts like "good neighbourliness." In this case the dreamer had been thinking about his neighbour so its possible that the dream is about that

THE DREAM I am at some kind of desert settlement. The buildings seem to be run down or ruined. It is some shared community and people seem to be cooperating.

THE REALITY The dreamer had generally had a bad relationship with her neighbour. But recently she had had a good talk with her. But the previous day she saw her again and this time they ignored each other again.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams will concentrate on changes in your thoughts and often link specifically to the previous day. Here we have a strong and easily understood symbol. Deserts symbolise a lack of meaning and importance to something. So simply ask yourself - what lacks meaning right now? In this case the dreamer came back with a clear answer. The day before she had seen her neighbour and they totally ignored each other. The previous day they had chatted for a short while. But now the relationship had reverted back to what it was before. So this dream is about assessing the state of this relationship. Other symbols would also seem to support this analysis. The community is a symbol here of the local neighbourhood.

Symbolic Meanings
COMMUNITY : "your local community and people around you - in this case the dreamers neighbour"
DESERT : "lack of real meaning to a relationship - not really a relationship with any meaning"
PEOPLE : "some thoughts about somebodys behavior"
RUIN : "a idea or way of thinking that has been overturned - in this case recent improvements in the dreamers relationship with his neighbour"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I thought I had got on better relations with my neighbour but we started ignoring each other again"

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