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Waiter who is my boyfriend - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was with some guy who appears to be my boyfriend. He is a waiter and all I remember was that it was dark.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had eaten at a cafe. When they had finished eating the waiter came to clean the table. She goes there often and she is often polite to the waiters. That day he said to her "I feel sorry for your husband". This was a totally unexpected response and made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Something strange happened whilst I was a at a cafe yesterday. The waiter said something. I am not sure what he meant by it. Its been bothering me"

DREAM INTERPRETATION We often dream of things which do not make any sense. Our mind craves order and rationality. The unconscious wishes to see patterns in peoples behavior. However, when something simply does not make any sense whatsoever then we dream about it. The dreamer does not have a husband and does not know the dreamer at all. Perhaps the dreamer was worried about what he was thinking - she thought he liked her but that she was also after social status and money.

There was a clear connection here - the waiter in the dream symbolised the waiter in real life. The boyfriend is an odd symbol. It is difficult to explain. Maybe it suggests that she thought the waiter fancied her.

The darkness represented the lack of real knowledge the dreamer was able to cast on this comment.

Symbolic Meanings
DARK : "in the dark - lack understanding about what the waiter said"

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