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Spectacular tsunami scares off surfer - dream

THE DREAM - I am at a beach. I am studying things. I am watching the breakers. There is a surfer with me. I mention the van that is moving spectacularly in the water. There are some spectacular waves. Then the surfer runs off, he is scared by this massive wave that's coming our way. It looks more like a tidal wave. The tsunami hits the beach. Then it hits - the beach by the way was not the beach it was near a indoor swimming pool.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been posting on the Internet and was in conversation with this male. The dreamer had originally imagined this person to be extremely cool. But then decided that this was an absolute exaggeration unsupported by the facts. The entire basis for this person being cool was that he had a very cool name on the Internet. The dreamer thought about this for a short time and realised that this was maybe a common mistake. That you think of someone on the internet being cool when actually they were probably a computer nerd.

THE INTERPRETATION Water often symbolises energy and flows of belief. In this case it symbolised the conception that the dreamer made with this other person. But after a bit of quiet reflection the dreamer recognised that this was probably a false perception. The tidal wave can therefore be seen a some thoughts or feelings getting out of hand. They are not supported by the facts of the situation and therefore prone to major changes. They are thoughts that like the waves are changeable and fluid.

Dream Symbolism
BEACH : " a difference between your feelings and the reality - the dreamer realises he has made an unrealistic assessment of this person on the internet"
TIDAL WAVE : "an assessment based on feelings - likely to be swept away"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been talking to this guy on the internet. I imagined him to be so cool. But then I thought for a moment last night and felt that there is no real reason to suppose he is cool. He is probably a total geek"

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