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Dream interpretation about well made shirt

THE DREAM - I am standing halfway up the stairs at my school. I see a shirt that I know is mine. I know its a well made shirt but the material is extremely poor.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had to take some harsh criticism off another person. She had to accept the criticism because that person was very influential and was known for spreading rumours about people.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The strongest clue for this dream was the clothes - clothes link to our reputation and the way that people see us. So this dream caught two feelings. That the dreamer was confident that she was in the right - that's why her clothes were nice. Yet the quality of the material was poor so that captures a second feeling - that the image she has may fall apart at any moment. The ground floor in dream symbolises the day to day real world of reality. The upstairs can represent your imagined thoughts. So in this case the dream shows that the dreamer had to make a judgement partly on the reality of the situation(where she had confidence in her reputation) but also the imagined thoughts(the possibility that this person would spread rumours about her).

Symbolic Meanings
CLOTHES : "your image and reputation - here her clothes are made with bad materials. That shows how you feel vulnerable"
SCHOOL : "school of life - a lesson that needs to be learnt - learning to behave for the best even when you know you are right. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate having to sit and take the criticism that she is directing towards me. I cannot respond because I know that she is very influential and it will make things worse

See how the symbolic meanings represent the dilemma facing the dreamer.

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