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Moving dream

In real life the dreamer had been thinking of moving. This dream seems to deal with a similar theme (a house burning down).

DREAM - Moving I was working in a convenience store though the location of the store was where my current home is. When I came up to the front of the store I saw that there had been a fire - the whole other side of the street had burned to the ground. All of my neighbours homes were smouldering ashes on the ground - providing a clear view of a church in the background. It stood pristine, untouched.

All of my neighbours were unharmed.

This dream was posted on on the August 2, 2012, 06:04 by Kmom. It was viewed 5 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:We have had a lot of crime in our neighbourhood over the past 3 months - bank robberies, attempted murders, etc. My husband and I have finally admitted that we will put our house up for sale within the next year, and find a neighbourhood where our children can be a little safer and have some more freedom. I really love our home though. It will be very sad for me to leave. My children were born in this house, celebrated graduations and holidays here. Lots of memories. At the same time I feel like our children are missing out on their childhood because they have very few kids to play with and they are so limited in where they can use their freedom to explore and play.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : I always believe that dreams reveal quite complex ideas within them. I think this dream uses the symbols in the following way.

NEIGHBOURS BURNT DOWN: This captures this thought "If I leave my present home then I will lose all the nice people and home that I love"

CHURCH: The church captures the other side of your thoughts... your wish to live in an area which is much more crime free...

So if you put these symbols together then the dream captures this thought "If we move then we get to live in a much better area where we can bring up our children in a much better way BUT I will lose all the enighbours that I know"

So the dream probably reveals your dilemma.

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