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Rat And Dragon dream

Try to see how dreams could represent complex thoughts - this dream could represent the thought "I have never come across poverty until yesterday. My family just ignores the plight of poor people and poverty"

DREAM - Rat And Dragon I was 4 years old again. my uncle was over. he was sleeping on my couch. I laid down next to him. I was playing with this toy, it was a purple fuzzy little dragon. I just held it in my hands. studying it, enjoying it. it made me feel happy. then a big brown rat jumped up on the couch. it started biting my hands. so I grabbed it by the back of its neck. I tried to get my moms attention from the TV, so she would take away this rat, but she just looked at me, then looked back at the TV. ignoring me. everyone did. they didn't even look at me. so the rat kept on biting me.

This dream was posted on on the January 9, 2012, 12:01 by mada. It was viewed 52 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:before I had this dream, I had visited a local place where people get free food and clothes, very poor people. it made me realize how blessed I am in life, I don't need free clothes and food... we are not that poor. and I feel glad and happy I am not. and I want to help those less fortunate.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well if this dream is about what you mention then how would the symbolism work? Here are some symbolic meanings

RAT: undoubtedly the rat represents the poverty which you had just witnessed with the homeless people

MOTHER IGNORES: You try to attract the attention of your mother and in real life you want your parents to donate. Yet they simply ignore you... its not a difficult metaphor to understand ... they ignored your wish to donate and they ignored you in the dream... its simply mirroring how they acted in real life

4 YEARS OLD: I wonder what this symbol could mean. Sometimes children represent our idealistic feelings... a simplistic belief that things should be better. Maybe the child represents how your parents treated your wish for a donation. You felt as if your thoughts were treated like the thoughts of a young child... just ignored.
COMMENT before I had this dream, I visited a place where the needy get free clothes and free food. all the things this organization that gives all of this to the needy, gets all of their supplies from donations. after I left this place, I felt very blessed, very fotunate, that I am not that poor. and I am thankful for all I own. but, I really want to donate to this place, and help these people, but it seems, my parents don't have their hearts set on it...

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