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Dream symbols - girl uses my locker

Try to see how dreams demonstrate complex feelings. This dream features someone putting their things in the dreamers locker without asking and this demonstrated the feeling "I dislike being taken advantage of by this girl"

THE DREAM - I was in school and suddenly this girl placed all her things in my locker without asking.

THE REALITY The girl in the dream was constantly taking liberties with the dreamer. She was constantly been taken advantage of.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The dreamer dislikes others taking advantage of her. The locker was her own private space and that was being invaded. So when the girl placed things in her locker it was inappropriate. She just wanted to be asked and have her own space respected. The suddenness of the act reinforces the feeling that this was felt to be a natural thing to do - the dreamer felt that in such a situation is should not be automatic

Dream Symbols
LOCKER : "your own private thoughts - a need to respect "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "She always takes advantage of me. My friends simply does not respect me and takes liberties.

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