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Intruder in house - dream analysis

Dreams use images to demonstrate thoughts. This dreamer had been thinking about a man she fancied and her dream featured her breaking into a mans house.

THE DREAM I was with my best friend. It was late at night. Everyone was sleeping. The two of us got an idea - actually my friend wanted to come in the house which belongs to a guy she feels some emotions for. I wasn't feeling quite great about it (it's practically breaking in!) but I followed her no matter what. We easily get in. Inside there was a hall and doors leading to rooms. There was all around a wall panelling. Actually it was all in the wood when I think it through.

We opened one door and inside of that room was an old man, the grandfather of the guy my friend likes. He was almost naked. We closed the door before he saw us. We went upstairs. There were three wooden doors. My friend opened one of them. Those led to another room. In that room there also only doors. We had to choose again. And my friend opened a door again. She chose correctly because, we found out it was his room. We step in. He was sleeping. She went to his bed. She had an idea to get into his bed and to slowly wake him up. And she did get into bed. Then I saw someone coming. The door was a different from this said. The door had a wooden frame but in the centre it was glass. So I could hide anywhere there wasn't enough time so I just bend. I waited. It was obvious the man would come in, and I got scared and the man opened the door, but the surprising thing was that he had has back coming in first. So he couldn't see me. Just as he opened them he closed them. I was so surprised - I found a place I could hide and I did. Then I waited - My friend start waking the guy - I was waking with him in reality.

THE REALITY The dreamers best friend was very attracted to a man. She didn't feel she was good enough for him though. She was wanting to know everything about him. Down to the last detail.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamers friend had been asking anything and everything about the man in the dream. Maybe this dream shows that the dreamer felt a little uneasy because of this. That the dreamer was asking too many questions. She felt as if they were breaking in - that this was somehow inappropriate.

Nudity in dreams can often link to truth. So when the man is almost naked then the dreamer is looking at the true person with all the image taken away.

Bedrooms are symbols of the the inner person. So when you go in their bedroom you are intruding deep into the persons personality. You are seeing their very private and intimate self. The things that affect them deeply.

At the end of the dream the man reverses in. Perhaps that shows that the dreamer feels that if the situation was reversed then she would not like this. If someone was asking questions about intimate details of someone else then it would be inappropriate.

Symbolic Meanings
BED : "very personal - the dreamer felt embarrassed answering so many personal questions about this man"
NAKED : "the truth - the dreamer was asked to tell everything she knew about this man in very great detail"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "my best friend was asking about a man that I know. She is attracted to him. I felt a bit embarrassed as she asked all the questions. I felt uncomfortable talking about him. It was almost intrusive."

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