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Drunken pleasure - dream analysis

THE DREAM I had several dreams which involved sex, alcohol and getting drunk. At first I was working hard to meet my work targets. I was drinking to keep going. But there some dubious characters around me some taking drugs and totally out of control. There were guns and the possibility of being murdered or murdering. I was suspicious of them and was trying to avoid them. There were some people whom I considered as mentors who have been a positive influence but I found it to be around them. Later there was more sex, pleasure, drunken hedonism. The dream ended up with some kind of anal sex.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking about his lifestyle and his need to slow down. He was leading a typically hedonistic lifestyle with too much sex and drinking. He had been prescribed some tablets to help him slow down and knew he had to keep taking them. He knew he had to stop drinking as he was suffering pain in his pancreas.

THE INTERPRETATION dreams do not use words to express feelings and ideas instead they use images. This dream features every kind of excess and this is the dream's way of referring to the dreamers hedonistic lifestyle.

Try to think what the dream means. A one point the dreamer is trying to avoid people of dubious character who might drag him into murders and danger. That's the dreams way of thinking about the dangers of a hedonistic lifestyle in terms in terms of getting involved in crime. The dream also features the dreamer thinking about work whilst drinking. That links to the dreamer asking questions like "how is my fast living affecting my work?"

The main point that comes from this dream is that the dreamer is thinking about his hedonistic lifestyle. His mind is focusing on drinking and fast living and it's consequences for him. In real life the dreamer was aware of his need to live life more slowly and let his body repair. So we can guess that this is the meaning of the dream.

Dreams show can help the issues that we are thinking about. This dream at least reveals the following "I have been thinking about my hedonistic tendencies." That alone is a good sign as the dreamer is thinking about the consequences of his fats living.

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