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Splashing violently at pond - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I was in my house and there was a pond inside. The water was moving around and splashing quite violently.

THE REALITY The dreamer was thinking through his recent moods. He recognised that had been quite moody recently.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Houses can often represent your own personality. They represent how you feel at any one time. They can also symbolise your approach to some quite specific subject. But in this case the dream is about the dreamers general mood.

Often water symbolises the use of the unconscious mind to work out some issue. In this case the pond is inside so represents the dreamers won introspective thoughts. Moving water can link to changeable views - often not based on any reliable evidence. In this case it represents how the dreamers own introspection is an intense focus of his mind. It probably reveals an unhealthy mind liable to change at any moment.

Symbolic Meanings
HOUSE : "the dreamers own personality - how she is adapting to life in general"
POND : "the dreamers own emotions and feeling about herself at present"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am looking inside myself at the moment. I feel rather disrupted emotionally"

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