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Bowel problems - dream interpretation

Try to see how dream symbols build up into conceptional feelings. This dream features the dreamer mixing with cool people so think of thoughts which could be relevant such as "I keep trying to meet more interesting people yet..."

THE DREAM - I am with friends. They are some cool young friends but they are not people I recognise. We are going somewhere. I then realise I am having some bowel problems(I have these in real life). I realise I have to just sneak off without telling anyone.

ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLIC MEANINGS The dreamer made the following free associations with each dream symbol.
1. Bowel problems. The dreamer did often get bowel problems and they did stop him doing things.
2. The dreamer was starting to become more outward going and wanting to meet people. The cool friends reminded him of the new life he wanted to lead.

GUESSWORK The dreamer was currently trying to become more outward going. He wanted to develop new friendships. But he was restricted by his bowel problems which had always blighted him.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream seems to deal with the following themes
- Bowel problems
- Sneaking off unable to tell people
- Cool new friendships

If you weave together these themes the dream captures the following key thought that the dreamer had about his situation - "I want to start developing new friendships but I am constantly restricted by the bowel problems that I have. Some problems I just cannot overcome."

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