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The driver won't let me off the train

In this dream a train driver does not let the dreamer off the train. This linked to a specific issue - the dreamer needed a diet coach to be just like the train driver (i.e. very forceful) and force her into losing weight.


Saturday, June 02, 2012

In this dream I was in the engine of a train with the train driver. I had a valid ticket and thought I knew where I was going.

The train had to stop where I thought I was going and I got off the train thinking I had arrived. The train driver called to me and said You need to get back on the train now. It was clear the ticket I had gave the train driver the right to enforce his instruction. Somewhat reluctantly I realised this train driver won't let me off the train till I have reached the destination on my ticket. There were no short cuts I had to stay on the track he was on even if I did eventually get to this stop.

I got back on the train a little reluctantly and the driver kindly pointed out where the ticket was actually taking me. It was me who had made the mistake - the train driver was right so I felt some relief I had not argued the point.

The initial trill of being up the front with the driver gave way to the reality that the engine was noisy, smelly and uncomfortable.

Posted at June 2, 2012, 04:06 by Iceberg Rose (Viewed times)

My GP said I have to loose weight and I know I do - I just don't really want to.

Knowing how resistant I am to dieting I have found for myself a diet coach to help me stay on track and this week we came to a deal about how I will progress. I agreed to the deal knowing the honeymoon would soon pass and the hard slog of being seriously consistent with my diet would set in.

The honeymoon has passed. Being consistent is hard and I am just going to have to slog it out. This dream is showing me this reality as a dream story. The train driver is my diet coach.

Unclesirbobby (POSTED June 2, 2012, 11: 6: 01)
You always understand your dreams so well. If you look at the dream symbol meanings of trains (on the right hand side). You will notice that trains have a meaning similar to the symbolic meaning that you gave. The train moves from A to B and never deviates. So in this case you have to stay 'on track' with the diet.

Its amazing how dream symbolism works so well. If you had to invent a story that captured your exact feelings in metaphors then it would take you ages... yet your dream mind does this without even thinking

Iceberg Rose (POSTED June 2, 2012, 22: 6: 23)
I have probably mentioned this before but I feel dreams are a way of memorising the elements surrounding my decision making. I find the action of writing up the dreams seems to bring me a clarity and objectivity that lets me see myself as if from the outside of me. Once I can see where I am in my world as I experience it I know where I am and then I often make better decisions about my life as I move on.

I still write down most of my dreams - its like clearing my brain ready for the next input of data. Each dream seems to tidy up the data of the day - or last few days in a relevant dream story without muddying the water for the next story to come.

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