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Welcoming fire - dream analysis

Dream symbols are often associated with emotions and situations which are linked to them. The nice warm fire in this dream is linked to the "happy home life" which the dreamer was starting to experience just recently.

THE DREAM - There is a nice warm fire. I feel comforted by the flames burning. I feel like I am living in a nice home. There are various compartments and each had good ventilation.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been suffering from mental health problems and found it difficult to mix with people. He often found it difficult to be on his own - he did not like his own company. Just recently he was managing a lot better at home and felt much more settled.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream featured a home and so its possibly a symbol for the dreamer home. A home is not just a physical place it is also an emotional symbol - representing homeliness and happiness within the home.

In the case of this dreamer this was quite a relevant symbol. He suffered from depression and did not like being on his own. He often spent much of his day from dawn till dusk trying to be around people. Just recently, however, he had been finding it much easier to be in his own company. As well as that he was finding some genuine friends who gave him a good welcome. This this nice warm house was symbolic of happier times just recently.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
WELCOME: The dreamer felt much more happier in his own home. Also he was starting to get some genuine friends who would give him a warm welcome.
WARM: A warm home is a happy home - so this all links in to the dreamers much more settled and happy state of mind
HOME: All the symbols of the dream link to the home and feeling much more settled and happy.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feelings - "I feel a lot more settled"

See how the different symbolic meanings join together form the dreamers worst possible scenario

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