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Cricket match and taking my time - dream analysis

You may think that the main symbol in this dream is the cricket match but its really the 'leisurely' pace within the dream. This leisurely pace mirrored real life.

THE DREAM -I am on holiday and at a cricket match. I seem to be taking my time. I am quite leisurely in exploring something

THE REALITY Just recently the dreamer had been pursuing a work project quite vigorously. But the day before he decided to slow down on this task and instead concentrate on day to day things.

DREAM ANALYSIS Cricket is a sport which often features very high scores. Teams will often get scores in excess of 400. Dreams will often associate one thing with another so if cricket is associated with generating a high score then we need to find something in their real life which involved that same need to generate high scores. The work project which the dreamer had been setting was connected with generating a huge amount of data. This was a slow leisurely process and was going to take the dreamer some time. He had set about this task vigorously and now was a little jaded. Now he felt he wished to slow down a little and take a breather. The holiday represented this new feeling within him.

Symbolic Meanings
CRICKET : "building up a score - the dreamer has been building up a high score in his work project"
HOLIDAY : "taking a leisurely approach - easing up on the day of the dream"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been working hard on a work project but I think I need to take a little breather. I think I shall have a bit of a rest today."

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