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A woman's presence dream

THE DREAM I had one special dream about a woman and that her presence calmed me down and she kissed me.

THE REALITY Just lately the dreamer had been trying to relax more because he was afraid that he was going to have a burn out.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams do link to new trends and thoughts within your own mind. Simply try to jot down how you feel and what is new within your feelings. Normally you would just write down one or two things a day that sum up key moods and feelings. This dreamer was able to make obvious sense of her dream using this method. He had been trying to calm himself down. This dream obviously linked to calmness. It therefore was linked to that recent trend in her own thoughts.

Symbolic Meanings
WOMAN : "Female emotions - being in touch with your emotions"
WOMAN KISSING : "The dreamer is trying to calm himself down"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am trying to calm myself down. I worry that I will have a burn out."

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