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Racing cars dream

A dream about Formula one racing cars was a metaphor for the dreamers fast pace of living the previous day.

THE DREAM - the dream was about Formula One racing cars. At one point Nicki Lauda (a former Formula One driver from the 1970's) was there.

THE REALITY The dreamer suffered from manic depression. He had been very manic and worked up the previous day singing songs loudly in front of people.

THE INTERPRETATION The previous day had been very fast paced. The dreamer suffered from manic depression and so tended to get very worked up and intense. The day before his mind had been working particularly fast.

The racing cars were obvious metaphors fro his fast pace of living. Formula One cars push speed to it's ultimate limits.

Nicki Lauda was a Formula One racing driver from the 1970's. His presence in the dream was probably not entirely random. His name is an obvious pun on the word "louder". This had an obvious relevance the day before as the dreamers manic moods found an outlet in singing. The dreamers mind was racing at one hundred miles an hour and he found the need to sing to burn up all this energy. With singing his noise levels were very loud and maybe annoying.

Symbolic Meanings
FAST : The Formula One racing cars speed was a metaphor for the dreamers intense, fast paced mood the day before.
NICKI LAUDA : This was an obvious word play as the dreamers intense fast pace mood the day before had made him very "loud" (Lauda).

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was particularly intense and worked up yesterday. My mind was racing at one hundred miles an hour and I was probably very loud."

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