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Luxurious house dream

A luxurious mansion dream was linked to the dreamers great ability. This luxury symbolised his aspirations to greatness.

THE DREAM - I was in a luxurious house, except the ground floor, but the other stories were gorgeous. I was thinking 'I want to live in a house like this when I'm older, hopefully I will be able to afford it.' There were a couple of my fellow students, some I recognised, some I did not. There were also parents of some old friends of mine. My classmates wanted me to smoke with them but I said 'No.' because I didn't want the parents to see me smoke, I was afraid they were going to tell my parents about it. I went upstairs and the house was even bigger, it seemed like there were more rooms and more rooms. It was the house of my parent's friends, they have 4 children, but nobody was home. But the house was packed with fellow students, everybody was walking around, going upstairs and downstairs. There may have even been an escalator. Two boys were asking me annoying questions and kind of putting me into a corner with their questions about art and the work I make, they made me feel dumb. I got out of the house with all the other people because there was something going on on the streets, Madonna was performing or something (I am not even a fan). When that was over I was lost in the city and asked a fellow student if he could show me the way back to the house. He send me back to school, not to the house, but that was all right, I already forgot about the house and did not go back to school, I was only thinking about catching a bus or a train. Almost every night I ride the train to somewhere in my dreams. I never miss it, I used to (I have been having train dreams for 4 years already) but now not any more. I got a major de-ja-vu in this dream, like it already happened before, only with the last part that I needed to catch the next bus or train. The surroundings looked very familiar, the trees, the buildings etc.

THE REALITY The dreamer was an art student and extremely ambitious, inspired and motivated. His teachers expect a lot from him telling him that he can easily become as good as Rembrandt. He feels a lot of pressure upon himself. Whenever drawing or etching the only thing he can think about is what his fellow students and teachers will say about it. He does not socialize much and concentrates on his art. He knows that he should relax but cannot help himself. He can hear the voices in the back of his head criticizing him.

DREAM ANALYSIS To understand what a huge house means in dreams its first necessary to know what ordinary size houses tend to mean. An ordinary house tends to link to the self - the dreamers own personality. When they are in a house they are tending to look at themselves and how they are reacting as a person. They are assessing if they can do anything better. A huge house though tends to symbolize the outside world. It represents the effects and pressures on the dreamer. The influences that force their personalities to change. Huge houses can merely represent events which force you to change as a person or other people.

In this case the dreamers circumstances seem to fit the classic meanings of huge houses. He WAS facing immense pressure from himself and others. They were comparing him to Rembrandt. The huge house represents his ambition. The grandeur of the surroundings symbolize the wish to create art which is as wonderful.

The dream perhaps also reveals some ways in which he is responding badly to pressure. The dreamer was 23 years old. Yet in the dream he was not wanting to be seen smoking by the parents. The parents represent the way he is feeling a total and overwhelming pressure to perform in the way expected. His parents probably represent tutors.

The two annoying boys probably represent another way in which the dreamers mind is thinking. Art tends to be very subjective. He feels himself above certain levels of criticism. Artists never really want to justify themselves. They hate having to prove themselves. Yet college students are regularly marked and assessed. A great artist hates being judged. They feel above criticism. Art is art.

Trains represent the dreamers sense of journey as he creates some art. The train goes straight from A to B. It never deviates. This symbolizes the dreamers wish to commit himself totally to art. Never thinking of anything else. His own tunnel vision as he blocks out all distractions.

Symbolic Meanings
ANNOYING BOYS : " The dreamer takes his art seriously. "
BEAUTIFUL HOUSE : " the grandeur of the house represents great artistic achievement"
FORGOT ABOUT HOUSE : "The dreamer forgets the expectations and wish to become great as he gets involved in the journey of making art "
HUGE HOUSE : "The expectations of others that he becomes a major figure. "
PARENTS : "The dreamer (23 in real life)feels immense pressure to perform in a certain way. A great artist must do everything just right. "
TRAIN JOURNEY: "The dreamer is constantly going on journeys in his mind. He has tunnel vision and thinks only of one thing. He goes straight to his vision never deviating or socialising. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really want to succeed and become as good as everyone expects me to. I think about nothing other than my art. Once I get started on a piece of art I forget all this pressure and simply get totally involved."

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a insights in the DREAM MEANING

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