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Turning back the sands of time dream interpretation

If you get a song lyric in your dream then try to see what this makes you think of. For this dreamer this was a very relevant metaphor at the time

THE DREAM When I wake up I was hearing the song lyric "people are all the same. You can turn back the sands of time"

THE REALITY The dreamer had been involved in crime most of his life. He had found it difficult to escape the whole cycle of crime. But just recently - and especially on the day before the dream he had started to turn over a new leaf. He never felt like normal people. He thought he could never live like the rest of society. But now he was starting to feel that possible.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The song lyric totally captured his own emotions. He felt exactly the same as normal people who do not commit crime. He also felt he was starting to overcome years of living a lifestyle that he never thought he could move on from. Dreams capture emotions and song lyrics are especially good at this. Those lyrics perfectly caught his mood at that time.

Symbolic Meanings
SONG : "a real mood and feeling "
TURN BACK TIME : "the dreamer felt as if his life had started again"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I felt really different yesterday. It was as if things had totally changed. I have led a life of crime for years but yesterday I felt a part of normal society. I felt as if I could fit in in a way I have not felt for years"

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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