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Torturing experience - dream interpretation

Dreams are not about the facts of your life they are about your emotions. If you feel very negative then your dream maybe very negative.

THE DREAM I dreamt that it was the first day in the Big Brother House(in fact I have been in here for several days). I was meeting all the other contestants again. I was meeting them for the first time. The Big Brother people were torturing us. The competition would last for two years instead of a few weeks.

GUESSWORK The dreamer was a contestant in the TV Reality show Big Brother (Tracey Bingham) in the UK. The day before the dream was extremely trying for the dreamer. She was already showing signs of alienation from the show and felt isolated because she was American, when the rest of the contestants were mostly British. She woke up to overhear a conversation which was directly about her. Another contestant was talking about her in a negative way thinking the dreamer was asleep. The dreamer then felt an urge to talk about this incident to a fellow contestant. This then induced another contestant to talk about her own feelings. As an Asian she felt that she had absolutely no chance to win the competition as the Great British public would not allow an Asian or colored person to win the competition. She then confronted the other white contestants and this caused a lot of resentment. Added to this the dreamer also misunderstood something said by her fellow colored American contestant(Denis Rodman)and this caused an argument between them. As a final act a white contestant then called another contestant a "lying Arab" (probably a phrase which was quite innocent for an older white British person) which was unfortunate as she was sat next to an Arab.

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1. In real life the dreamer was participating in the Big Brother show mentioned in the dream. She did feel a real sense of emotional torture participating in the show.
2. The show was to last for two years - much longer than in real life. This captures the dreamers sense that the show would never end. That this was something she could not get out of and was seemingly lasting forever.
3. The dreamer was meeting the contestants for the first time. This maybe was symbolic of her viewing her fellow contestants for the first time in that she was seeing them in a whole new way. She was seeing the ugly sides of some of the characters.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about the Big Brother show she was involved in real life. The dream deals with the following themes
- A sense of emotional torture
- A feeling that something was dragging on and lasting forever.
- Seeing people in a new way.

4If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"It's just awful. The show seems to be going on forever. I feel a real sense of torture."

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