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Run away after explosion - dream interpretation

Try to see how this dream is a metaphor for the dreamers financial problems

THE DREAM - I am in a field with my wife and child. Suddenly these explosions are happening . Then suddenly I see my brother and her wife and child running away

GUESSWORK The dreamer was trying to escape from financial troubles in his life.

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1. Running away is something that we do physically but its also something that we do emotionally. We avoid problems pretending that nothing is happening. .
2. The explosion is a symbol of destructive change. The dreamer feels that his financial problems are about to explode. That they will simply have to be dealt with because they are too severe.

DREAM ANALYSIS It is fair to say that the dream is about the dreamers financial problems. Together the dream deals with the following themes.
- Avoiding danger and running away from problems
- A fear that something really bad is going to happen

The dream has a simple meaning and captures the dreamers feelings about his financial problems - "I have been having financial trouble. I fear that things could be about to get worse."

Financial problems can carry on for sometime before they really explode and become totally unmanageable. In this case the dreamer is worrying that the point has been reached when the problem cannot be merely swept under the carpet.

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