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Greek goddess dream

This dream was very spiritual - it simply mirrored the dreamers very spiritual mood at the time of the dream

THE DREAM I had been walking on some sort of path with a woman dressed in vivid white, almost like a Greek Goddess would have been dressed. She had longish light brown flowing hair and she was beautiful and full of spirit. She was talking to me and though I wrote then that we talked about Diana, now I cannot remember what she said, almost as if I could not hear her. I felt very warmed by her presence.

THE REALITY Lately the dreamer been on sort of a spirituality bender, learning and reading all she could. She went to bed with the clear thought in my head that she wanted some spiritual guidance and that she was ready. Her three year old son came bombarding in my room at 530 the next morning and woke her up. She was disappointed that she could not remember her dream . But she closed her eyes and turned slightly to the side and the dream came back to her.

THE INTERPRETATION dream capture and reflect our emotions. So do not be surprised if you get spiritually uplifting dream if you are currently on a spiritual high. This is clearly a spiritual dream and its definitely got a good and pure message to it. It reflects the positive feelings that the dreamer has for dreaming and spiritual issues at that time.

The words cannot be clearly heard in the dream . But the sense of goodness comes through. That perfectly captures the dream emotions on this subject. Understanding dream is not easy and perhaps the inability to hear what the goddess is saying is linked to her current inability to really understand how dream work. In that sense it captures the feeling that dream do have a positive message and meaning yet she does not truly understand them. Yet she senses the goodness in the process of dream interpreting.

Also important is Diana. Diana is the Greek god of hunting. Perhaps that is symbolic of her current interest in hunting down the meaning of her dream .

So far from being a dream of immense significance this is a perfectly ordinary dream which captures our current mindset on some issue. Its symbols are the building blocks of the mind and when pieced together they help us see how the mind works.

Symbolic Meanings
DIANA : "the Greek goddess of hunting probably symbolises the dreamers own wish to hunt down the meaning of her dream "
WHITE CLOTHES : "the goodness and purity of the dream world - the dreamer currently has positive feelings about dream "

DREAM MEANING The dream captured the following feelings within the dreamer - "I have been on a spiritual journey recently and have been especially interested in dreams. Although I have not started to understand dreams in the way that I wish - I do find it endlessly fascinating. Although I do not understand what the dream truly mean I know that this is a world that is important to us. I sense the goodness in dream and the wish to understand them"

See how their dreams symbols relates to important themes in the dreamers life at the time.

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