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Swimming pool dream

DREAM - swimming pool dream I was at my old summer camp swimming pool and was having fun with everyone in the shallow end but then I decided to show off my actual swimming skills. So I went to the deep end of the pool to dive in and swim the butterfly stroke (which is a stroke I'm not too good at). Then right before I dived in everyone in the pool moved to the side to let me swim my lap without any interference. As I was swimming, I felt I was struggling more than any other time, my arms hurting more than usual and my legs were barely coming out of the water. When I got to the wall, my best friend from camp asked why I did that stroke and I said because I didn't want to do something easy that I already know how to do well. Then my swimming coach said to me, I looked tired and pregnant and then he made an announcement that he was back as the coach and he was going to get me back into shape. Then the coach made everyone do swimming pull-ups on the wall and at first I didn't want to and then I got in the water and started to do them and at first it was hurting my arms but as I continued to do them it got easier and easier and everyone was clapping for me...and then I woke up

This dream was posted on on the September 26, 2012, 15:03 by Prina. It was viewed 5 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Right before the dream I was writing all my thoughts down on paper about how I wanted a relationship with a guy I've liked for over 20 years but I was scared to tell him but now I was going to finally be bold enough to express those feelings and whatever happens happens, at least I can move on and not be held back because of these feelings.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well in real life you are trying to do something out of your comfort zone. You are moving out of the shallow end and taking more risks - by telling someone how you feel.

The dream ends with you being clapped... which in real life you are applauding yourself for telling this guy how you feel...

Overall it just deals with those themes - taking more risks and leaving your comfort zone... but knowing its the right thing to do... and applauding yourself for it

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