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Bury ex - dream interpretation

When someone dies in real life we have to bury them and move on life. In this dream the dreamer buried her ex because she need to "move on".

THE DREAM My dream starts with my high school teacher who I bump into at Applebee's. She tells me that they serve free piece's of pie there all the time and I should take advantage of it. I was excited because it was my favorite pie but I told her I'd come back later when I have money cuz I'd rather pay for it. I walked out and the scene changes to a viewing of a death of a little girl who died very young. I was with my family. I got in line to view the body and realized when I got there that I had to put a quarter in the coffin to view the body. I didn't have any quarters on me but I found a token on the floor as I was walking & quickly picked it up. the token didn't work but a quarter fell out from the coffin and I used it to view the body. The coffin opened and there was the pale, dead, little girl. I quickly closed it and walked away. The scene changes and I'm in a mall. I was working putting up decorations. I had heard news already that my ex boyfriend died but I was acting like I didn't care. Then a young lady comes by and says she has something else for me to do. I follow her outside and the scene changes again. She gestures for me to move forward giving me a last look of approval. I look ahead and see the coffin where my ex laid. I thank her for bringing me there and quickly run towards his closed casket where I hug it and cry uncontrollably. Pain and sadness engulfed me. I recall the mother walking in, surprised at first to see me, but as she saw me mourning over the death of her son, smiled at me. Next thing I knew, I was sitting in a circle with his family reading passages. The odd thing, his parents have never liked me - EVER! but his mother wanted to save me to be the last to read. I began to read but it was hard for me not because of my emotions, but it was like I didn't know how to read at all. I was in a panic, reading as fast as I could. I recall the father watching me, then looking over to the mother and nodding in approval of me. Then it was over. The family leaves me and join a group of people talking/standing around an area of trees. Instead, I get into a truck and slowly drive past them, watching them as I go. The last person I look at was an old man who looked back at me and nodded his head. Then I looked forward towards a pathway that was made through the tall trees. It was like I was in a forest, just tall trees all around me but I followed the pathway that led me in a huge circle. I came right back to where I started. I got out of the truck and I now owned a puppy. I was playing with it, laughing, smiling, teaching it tricks, feeding it. Then I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer dreamt about her recent ex (four months). She put up with him for 2 years and was recently pregnant with his baby right before they broke up. It died and it was a loss she had to endure by herself because he was never there for her, which of course, is why they broke up. Before the night before, she was driving home and listening to a song by Sammie - come with me. It immediately reminded her of her ex. She had to pull over to the side of the road and calm herself down because she felt like crying and shouting to the world for all the pain he's caused her. But she quickly composed herself and got back on the road. She felt that she had been suppressing her emotions when it came to him. But on the way home, she stopped on the highest point of the hill near her house, put the song on repeat and just stared at the city lights below reminiscing of the past. She doesn't regret breaking up with him because life is better without him. She realised that she can finally breath. Then she went home, updated her resume for a career that she has become interested in and slept.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If something big happens the day before then it is very likely to cause a dream. In this case the dreamer did not react to a big event. Instead something big happened within the dreamers own thinking. She reacted to a piece of music and this got her thinking about her life. This dream then is almost certainly linked to that. Examining the dream symbols reinforces a belief that the dream is linked.

The dream involves her ex boyfriend dying. In real life he was still alive in her mind. Now she accepts that the relationship has ended and so effectively died. This part of her life has finished and gone and she must accept its death.

The other death involves a little girl. Perhaps this girl represents her initial reaction to the break up. A little girl acts all lost and starts to cry. She is defenceless. The dreamer wants to move on and act in a much more mature way. So the child die inside her mind.

The dreamer must make a speech at the funeral. This represents this present moment in time. In stopping the car and thinking through the events she is making a statement about her life. It was an important moment. It marked the end of her emotional involvement with her ex.

The puppy represents her new mood. Sghe stopped dwelling on the past and started thinking positively about her new career. In real life she was playing with some new ideas and just happy in general - exactly the way you are when you play with a puppy.

Symbolic Meanings
CRY AND PAIN : "The dreamers own emotional pain caused by the break up "
EX BOYFRIEND DEAD : "Relationship has ended (died) "
LITTLE GIRL : "The dreamers own initial reaction to the split - like that of a little girl - upset and feeling lost"
PAY : "
The dreamer wants to pay for this rather than get it for free. Paying for something often involves effort and shows that you really value something. In this case the dreamer perhaps realises the need to move forward. That she must make an effort and mark a change in her own thinking.
The dreamers new mood - excited about a fresh new future
The dreamer makes a statement about the relationship and then moves on

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realize that my relationship with my ex is now over. I have to start to move on. Its pointless keeping these connections with the past. It just reopens old wounds. "

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