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Dream interpretation - jeep on highway

THE DREAM I dreamt me and my mom were driving on a highway behind a 4 x 4 jeep with all four doors of the jeep open. Inside the car I saw 2 women (not recognizing any of them) struggling on the back seat and no one steering the car.

Next moment both the women fell out of the car onto the highway and they were gone and a minibus was visible in the far background. After a long drive (even though the accident happened right in front of us) me and my mom got to the scene where the car had come to a standstill. It was crushed into the minibus on the point of falling into a lake/ocean.

As we rushed to the scene a little girl got out of the car saying something like a divorced marriage and that her dad had been contacted and that he is on his way?

THE REALITY The dreamer had been dumped by her previous boyfriend but in a cold and clinical way(he just left her and did not even tell her the relationship was over). It took her a long time to get over this. The dream represented closure to this relationship for the dreamer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION It always important to get hold of a dream. The wife of the man the dreamer had an affair with drove a 4 x 4 Jeep so that provides a connection with the failed relationship. This is obviously something that she could dream about - the relationship ended in such misery and was also ended so callously. So the dream in some way represents the dreamers thoughts about this relationship.

The dreamer did not feel a sense of closure to the relationship because it was never truly ended - her boyfriend just left without explanation. The open doors of the jeep are maybe symbolic of the relationship possibly starting up again. Doors can often symbolise an open opportunity.

The fact that the dreamer was chasing the wife of her ex-lover maybe suggests that she wished all along for a deeper commitment and perhaps even marriage. The very fact that she is chasing shows that she has been obsessed by this issue and has not really sorted it out in her mind. In that sense it never truly goes away.

The number two is often symbolic in dreams. It can link to a situation where there are two possible alternatives. But she does not know either women. That shows that she can not identify the emotions that her ex lover felt. She simply does not know what is going on. It may also show that she has no information to base her opinion and emotions on so in many ways she does not know what is happening.

Dreams do not reveal the facts of our lives they are instead a diary of the various emotions and changing feelings that we have. The dream ends with this little girl. LITTLE GIRL : Little girls may symbolise a moment when you have simply not been in control of the situation. This clearly links to the dreamers situation. She also maybe feels naive and innocent in her emotions. However, the girl shows signs of change. She takes control and gets out of the car. She mentions something about a divorce. That symbolises the end of the commitment that the dreamer has to her ex-lover. In dream world she had a commitment possibly as strong as marriage but now in her mind she was divorcing him. It was truly now over

The dream also features the little girls father at the end. FATHER : Fathers often link to a need to be sensible and rational. They show you considering a responsible route and the need to look at the facts. They are very much figures of authority and show a need to take control for your own good. That perfectly sums up the dreamers own situation.

Symbolic Meanings
2 : "the dreamer has to make a choice between two clear options"
BACK SEAT : "you are not in full control of your life - the dreamer realises her ex boyfriend has ditched her "
DAD : "being sensible and rational - having to do something to prevent things getting out of control"
DIVORCE : "a clear break "
LITTLE GIRL : "making a mistake and being naive - the dreamer realises she has been a silly girl and needs to grow up"
MOM : "a sensible emotional path - a need to accept that the relationship is over"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really have got to move on. My ex boyfriend is probably conning someone else right now. I have simply got to accept that its over."

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