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Dog biting me - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I was on some stairs. There was a friendly pet like dog there and I was being friendly to it. It then turned vicious. It bit me biting deep into the hand.

This dream captures the dreamers mixed feelings about a dog maltreated. Obviously he is disturbed by the dogs plight but he also realises that the dog could be quite vicious

THE REALITY The dreamer was extremely sensitive to the plight of a dog living nearby. It was obviously been neglected and was tied to a post all day and well past darkness. He could hear its whines. He had made an effort to be friendly towards it. He had been ignoring it at night time walking past it. It was difficult to hear the dog whining as he went up the stairs into his flat.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can be about the strangest things. Often they will be quite literal. In this case its fair to assume that this dream was actually about a dog. Dreams can be about little moments of real meaning. If something happens and really sticks in our minds or really moves us then it can cause a dream.

In this case the dreamer felt really guilty the night before. He had been trying to be friendly towards a dog tied up nearby. He made a point of stroking the dog. It was obviously very lonely and starved of contact. It was probably been turned into a guard dog. The dog had a few weeks before been a normal puppy which seemed well treated. Now it was ignored and tied up all day only brought in last thing at night. This sudden transformation in the dogs life had really changed its personality. It was changing day by day. Each time becoming more agitated and strange in its behavior.

The dreamer had tried to be friendly to the dog. But he did not like to pet the dog during the hours of darkness. The dog was obviously distressed being left out in the miserable cold weather. He found it difficult to walk past the dog.

This dream seems linked to this issue. The dog bite seems to link to the dogs increasingly wild state. It was showing real signs of agitation. He did not like to go the dog during hours of darkness because he knew it would upset the dog leaving it just a few minutes afterwards. He therefore just ignored the dog but felt really guilty. But he could not untie the dog. So it was best to just walk past.

Dreams can capture really difficult moments. This dream seems to link to this moment the night before when he walked past this poor dog nearby. The stairs seem to point to that moment of real difficulty when he walked up his steps.

Symbolic Meanings
DOG BITE : " The dog nearby was showing real signs of agitation. It was now acting more and more like an abused dog. "
FRIENDLY : " The dog nearby was a very friendly dog yet its plight was changing its character - it was now extremely distressed. "
STAIRS : " This moment of real guilt the day before took place whilst walking up his own steps (stairs) to his flat. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate seeing this poor dog suffer. Its becoming increasingly unhappy and whining. I especially don't like walking past it at night. If I went up to it I would only have to leave it still tied to the post. Its not my dog. Instead I prefer to walk past it and feel guilty. It is upsetting to hear the poor animal though. Its showing real signs of mental trauma. "

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