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Made me cringe dream

THE DREAM I was with my friend Gibbi. He had gone on a date with a woman. She seemed totally inappropriate for him. She was very straight laced and he is very hippy like. He was in a very nice car - he has not even got a car in real life. The whole thing made me want to cringe.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The day before the dreamer had been asked by a woman he knew if he had found himself a young lady. The dreamer always felt that this woman had major misconceptions about him. She thought he was very posh when in fact he was very ordinary. He felt like she was trying to fix him up. The whole episode made him cringe.

DREAM ANALYSIS: It is vital to establish what the subject of the dream is. The best way to do this is to make associations. In real life the dreamer had been thinking about a woman who was constantly trying to match him up with young women. He found this quite irritating and the women she was recommending were totally mismatched. This dream deals with a similar theme. It deals with a couple dating who seem totally mismatched.

The issue that the dreamer was thinking about in real life had come up in a similar theme in the dream. The dream does not have a complicated meaning it just revolves around the words "mismatched" and "cringed". The fact that these two words appeared in his dream show he was focusing on them in his thinking. Try to think up a quote which features these words and which sums up the dreamers thoughts. It seems likely that the dream simply means "She tries to fix me up with these women who are complete mismatches. It just makes me want to cringe."

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