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Germans torturing a secret agent - dream analysis

The day before the dreamer had been thinking about his drinking and card playing sessions with a professor. Clearly this dream deals with cards and drink but why torture and spies? In real life the dreamer needed to keep these poker nights secret from his mother - he needed to keep this secret "under pain of death." So the world of spies is an excellent metaphor for this need for secrecy

THE DREAM - I am holding some cards(I occasionally play poker with a group of friends) and a bottle of vodka. I am a spy. I suddenly think of myself been tortured by the Germans.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just found out that they both knew a Professor. His mother was very pleased that he was mixing with refined and intelligent people. However, he failed to inform his mother that he knew him through secret gambling evenings.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mom found out yesterday that I know someone who is quite important and influential. Yet I also kept it secret how I know him as I meet him at illegal poker nights."

DREAM ANALYSIS The bottle of vodka and cards were a good clue in this dream. It showed that the dream was in some way connected to that. The previous day the dreamer had found out his mother also knew one of his gambling friends. However, the dreamer failed to tell his mother how he knew the friend. She was impressed by his social connections.

The main symbol is the spy here. A spy holds onto his secrets until pain of death. So the dream is about holding onto the real facts behind his relationship with this influential person.

Symbolic Meanings
SPY : "keeping something secret - the dreamer fears that something will be found out"

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