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dead body and sailing ship - dream interpretation

Dreams symbols are metaphors for recent events and emotions. The night before the dreamer had seen their best friend in school for the first time in ages. Think of the dead bodies in this dream as a symbol for this friendship which the dreamer thought had 'died' as he had not seen this friend for years

THE DREAM - The dream was at the bottom of the sea. I saw all these dead bodies slowly rising to the surface. Then I was at the sea top and someone said - we are on the move again. And a vast sea ship started a journey quickly into the sunset.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer met up again with his best friend from school. They had not seen each other for years.

DREAM INTERPRETATION For the dreamer the old friend was effectively dead - if you do not see each other for years and do not know where they live then they may as well be dead. But in meeting up again out of the blue old memories were rising to the surface.

The sea journey represented the vast emotional journey meeting up again started off. Its a journey through old thoughts and issues.

Symbolic Meanings
DEAD : "a relationship the dreamer felt was over and buried"
JOURNEY : "the dreamer is experiencing an emotional journey through his emotions"
SEA : "the unconscious mind and your feelings about people "
SHIP : "a sense of excitement and journey "
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I saw my best friend from school yesterday. It brought back many of the old memories. I am not sure I really wanted to meet him again as we have not really seen each other for years and I have probably do not have much in common now."

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