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Hidden in garden of mansion - dream analysis

Studying golf dreams has revealed some interesting answers. Hey can take place when you have been thinking of getting "closer and closer" to something. That could be "closer and closer" to the truth or "closer and closer" to the solution.

THE DREAM - I am in the countryside in the garden of a huge country mansion or country hotel. I am hidden in the hedge of the garden. There is a golf course and people are walking by. I am hidden and do not want them to look at me. Then one man goes by and he stops and walks back to where he was . I think he is retracing his steps to see me through the hole in the hedge. I think that if he approaches me I will have to reveal the fact that I am a policeman and will say "armed police! Do not come any closer"

THE REALITY The dreamer was frequently in gay Internet chat rooms and enjoyed people thinking he was cool. But in reality he was not so cool. Just recently one of the people in the chat room had been asking personal questions. He answered some honestly but did not want the man prying too much.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams often dwell on things that happened the day before. Here the dreamer was wanting to maintain his persona on the Internet. The police represent the need to restore order and stop people breaking rules that he sets around what people should ask. Obviously he did not like too many personal questions as this would reveal his true identity - not half a cool as people expect. So asking too many questions is a matter of law and order. We all have our own personal boundaries that we 'police'.

The other symbols seem to be consistent with this issue. Golf is a symbol that shows someone is getting closer and closer to something. Here it symbolises how the questions are getting closer and closer to revealing the truth.

The countryside is a symbol which fits nicely as the countryside is hidden and inaccessible. That in some ways portrays the Internet. In some ways you are face to face on the Internet as people can meet others thousands of miles away. Yet the Internet also is cut off and allows people to hide their true identity. If you do not want to tell people about yourself - even simple facts such as age, sex and other basic facts.

Here the dreamer enjoyed the Internet because it allowed him to get to explore his own personality in ways he would not do in real life as he was quite shy. But often he made outrageous claims that were far from the truth. But often he just like this as fantasy and did not want to actually meet anyone.

Symbolic Meanings
COUNTRYSIDE : "cut off - the dreamers lies cannot be found out because people he meets on the Internet live thousands of miles away"
GOLF : "Questions which are getting closer and closer to the hidden truth"
POLICE : "policing your own boundaries - setting rules to what people can ask"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I frequently lie whilst on the Internet but yesterday someone kept asking questions. I was trying to keep the truth hidden"

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