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A dream about wolves forcing their way in

Dreams recreate key portions of our feelings. This dreamer had been thinking how he might be worn down by his family and made to accept an arranged marriage. The wolves represent this process of "being worn down" in a metaphorical sense.

THE DREAM In my first dream I'm in my parents house with my brother and there are these huge wolves (tiger-sized) outside jumping up on the windows and smashing themselves against the windows and doors trying to get in. My brother is panicking so I go to the front door and close it just as a wolf gets inside, I grab it by it's head and hold it's mouth shut while I tell my panic stricken brother to go get a meat knife to cut it's throat. Then I wake up.

In my second dream I'm in my uncle's log cabin (which he doesn't have in real life). He is with his wife and me and there are huge dogs trying to break in through the doors and windows. The back door bolts shut at the bottom and locks in the middle with a key but a huge dog and a wolf are ramming it so hard that it will slowly come off it's hinges. For some reason no-one else seems too worried about these dogs, they know what they're trying to do but seem oblivious. I repeat this step several times as the back door comes unlocked repeatedly, pushing as hard as I can whilst the dog's head pokes out between the door and the frame. It seems like I'm just delaying the inevitable, eventually they'll wear me down and get in.

THE REALITY The dreamer lived in a very conservative culture. His family were constantly trying to pressure him into a forced marriage. He had been thinking about this the day before and was thinking how this would be like a death sentence.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams can represent key thoughts and feelings which have just been dominating our minds. Try first to see if a dream could represent some thought process from the day before.

In this case the dreamer had been thinking about arranged marriage. The wolves represented the relentless pressure he faced from his relatives. They had been trying to wear him down over the years just in the way that the wolves had been relentlessly attacking him during the dreams.

The uncle does not appear to be as concerned. This represented the uncles own marriage. This was an example of an arranged marriage which had worked out well.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
WOLF: The relentless pressure from the dreamers family to accept an arranged marriage.
UNCLE NOT CONCERNED: The dreamers uncles marriage was an example of an arranged marriage which had worked out.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was thinking yesterday how an arranged marriage would be like a death sentence. I feel worn out by the constant pressure I feel under."

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers thoughts about arranged marriages.

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