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Executed in back of head dream

Dreams may draw on something which is similar yet also very different as metaphors for real life. This dream had been very shocked at the sudden death of someone he knew the day before. A dream of being executed therefore linked execution with sudden death.

DREAM - Executed in back of head I was executed by firing squad. I had my back turned and was shivering with in fear as I was waiting for the moment.

This dream was posted on on the July 19, 2011, 16:02 by Sheldon . It was viewed 179 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I found out that someone I knew well died the day before. It has shook my badly and I have been thinking about the chances of my own death

1. THE FEELING THAT I COULD DIE RIGHT NOW: This is the heart of the dream. The dreamer simply stands scared to death with the realization that he could die at any moment. The previous day he felt the exact same feeling but in a different context. He heard of the sad death of a friend. It was a death which was unexpected.

Sudden deaths of people we know can shock us. The sudden realization that YOU can die at any moment shocks us. You were dwelling on the sheer shock and thinking that this could be you.
COMMENT The dream is of a premature death. That's very relevant in this case. The emphasis is on you fearing death. That's another connection. We already know this dreams meaning - that you fear death because of your friend dying. It has brought home the reality of death to you. This dream simply replays those fears but in a way that seems totally unconnected. Yet it is totally connectedby Unclesirbobby

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