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Floods dream

A dream about floods linked to the dreamers belief that hard times were coming


This is a summary of a longer dream.

In this dream I was exploring a new work space that was not working out. I was shown a glass booth and told "you can lease this workspace but you will still be working with us independently." I sensed this was the latest workplace scam against workers. Looking around the location I went round some cupboards and saw a huge lake of icy water filling up. This workplace was going to be flooded so there was no use salvaging anything - not even my purse which I was holding as the dream ended. I noticed my feet did not get wet and I was a bit surprised as the area was very flat. I had expected water to be lapping around my feet by then and it wasn't.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I was at a prayer group yesterday and suddenly got a strong desire to just get up and leave without explanation. I found the ladies just too religious and I didn't like it. I resisted this desire using my sense of good manners to guide me.

My husband shared when he got home that he had a strong desire to walk out of his workplace at about the same time due to a workplace incident that imposed a huge amount of work onto him.

In my dreams water usually represents emotions. For me in this dream, I faced a huge body of icy water that was flooding my area and did not get my feet wet. This is new to my dreams - I seem to be up to my neck in water so I really noticed the change.

In truth I feel I am facing a future where money will not help me overcome the challenges. A different set of skills is needed so in the dream it seemed pointless recovering my purse.

I believe hard times are coming but I feel able to face them even if they are likely to be overwhelming.

Earlier this week we were notified a friend of ours has just been diagnosed with incurable cancer - it has already disseminated throughout his body. This morning I got an email letting me know a good friend I love dearly has had an 8 hour operation for a benign brain tumour. I had noticed though Facebook chatter yesterday she had get well wishes but I had no idea why. She wrote to me personally to let me know and I read the message just now. That is why I decided to post this dream. It helped me face the news I had sensed was coming.

Posted at August 29, 2012, 19:03 by Iceberg Rose (Viewed times)

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