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Mischievous little twerp - dream analysis

A dream about a 'little twerp' who was annoying the dreamer took place after the dreamer had been wound up by someone the day before. The dream dealt with an identical theme which almost certainly links this dream to that situation .

THE DREAM - The starship enterprise (with everyone aboard) had broken into a million pieces and gotten glued back together. No one seemed terribly disturbed by this except me. Then I was on a planet and I was a mischievous little twerp plotting to kill people I didn't like. I and my cohorts killed 3 people. Then I went for a walk or something and met this lady I work with. She is a fat blonde and when I first met her she was very in control, her ideas were supreme and she was going to straighten me out. I had some experience in what she was straightening me out in and I thought I could do a fine job of it, and I thought she didn't know what she was getting into. I still think that. Anyway, she chased me down trying to choke and kill me. It turned out to be in a school of some sort. In the end I was hiding in a classroom and she found me and dragged me out in front of the principle. I felt all lame and captured.

THE REALITY The dreamer got into a fight the day before and realised that she would probably dream about it. She had got into some disagreement with a guy on the Internet. She told him that his ideas sucked. The guy was not particularly emotionally stable and took exception to this.

THE INTERPRETATION The most obvious connection to the real life argument is the killing and violence. The little twerp is a mood she obviously recognised as the foul temper that she was sent into. She knew that getting so wound up was not going to do her any good.

The violence takes place on another planet. Its all in space. Maybe showing that the guy exists in his own little world. He is not going to engage in serious debate. Often space symbolises an entirely different way of thinking. It may symbolise how she cannot possibly begin to understand the way the person she got into the argument with - or alternatively that she cannot possibly get through to him and persuade him of her way of thinking.

Well the most obvious symbol in this dream was a very personal one. The lady she knew from work often has the ability to straighten her out my talking through issues which are winding her up. So the dream could deal with this issue causing her tension and the ability of this woman to defuse the dreamer. The dream could therefore deal with this thought process "He really wound me up. But I have to control myself and sort myself out."

Notice in the dream how no one is annoyed in the dream except the dreamer. This could mimic reality and link to a thought like "He really gets to me. I have to sort out this frustration. He has the ability to wind me up whilst everyone else just ignores him."

Notice how the dreamer is the "twerp" and that is extremely relevant to the dreams meaning. It could link to the real life situation and the dreamers need to control her temper and not retaliate. She should not respond in kind.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a blazing row with someone on the Internet yesterday and knew that I would dream about it. He was so annoying. I need to stop myself from retaliating and calm down. It will not do any good as he is in a world of his own and does not respond to reason."

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