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Wild Horses dream

Dreams are like stories from the bible in that they seem to bear no resemblance to everyday life yet they deal with themes which are common to us all. In this dream the wild horses were symbols for the dreamer's need to seek a soul mate. The wild horses were symbols of something wild and untamed which touches our hearts (everything you might expect from a soulmate).

THE DREAM I had a dream of some wild horses. They were running around and we had to pick one to ride, one horse came right up to me and I said that was the one I wanted to ride. He was white, black,and a little brown, I liked his attitude right away. It was my daughter and I and we were wondering if we should pick the tamer horses, but didn't want to.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The day before I was thinking about my soul mate and when I would meet him. Also I am building my business and I was thinking about that a lot and when was I ever going to get a head and prosper.

Unclesirbobby (POSTED November 19, 2011, 03: 6: 04) I believe that dreams will in some way represent your own thoughts. Its almost like a small play or film which represents your emotional state of mind. The wild untamed horses represent your own wish to seek out your own soul mate Its about what YOU want not making compromises.

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