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Scared of huge wave - Dream

A huge wave dream took place shortly after the dreamer had been overwhelmed. The wave, just like the real life situation, was too much to cope with.

THE DREAM - A huge wave is coming at me. I am certain there is no way to survive this and I am very scared.

THE REALITY A couple of days previously the dreamer was overwhelmed by something that was happening in her life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will often follow on from big events the day before. But occasionally a dream may still emerge a day or so later. If the issue is still at the back of your mind it can still cause dreams. In this case the dreamer took a couple of days to realise just how big the situation was. In dreaming of this life and death situation she is showing how important this situation was.

Really the dream is about how the dreamer reacted to this huge and overwhelming situation. The dreamer is thinking and reflecting on how she behaved during this stressful situation.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
HUGE WAVE : "A huge situation"
SURVIVE : "The dreamer was looking at how she coped in a very difficult situation"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "It has just hit me how serious that incident was a couple of days ago. I was really overwhelmed and unable to cope."

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